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Poached Eggs, I don’t think so…
Posted: 1/3/2019

When most people hear the word “poach” they think of a delicious breakfast item. When people talk about poaching as it relates to meetings, conferences, and trade shows it takes on a whole different meaning. One, not so delicious.

A “poacher” is a person posing as a representative of the Meeting ready to help you make your hotel reservation. They then continue “pretending” to make the room accommodations concluding with “we need charge your credit card in full.” Only, when the attendee gets to that hotel, the reservation doesn’t exist and their money is gone.

Now the confusing part is how do you know who is actually a legitimate representative of the Meeting and who is the “poacher”? The key is education and awareness of who the actual hotel partner is for the Meeting, better known as a housing bureau. Hinman’s official housing bureau is called Hinman Housing, powered by Eventsphere.

Hinman’s Executive Director, Sylvia Ratchford, encourages all attendees to use Hinman’s official housing company. They negotiate great rates and amenities on behalf of the attendees and exhibitors. By using Hinman Housing, powered by Eventsphere, you are protected from the illegitimate “poacher”. Hinman Housing, powered by Eventsphere is an extension of Hinman’s hospitality and integrity.

Ms. Ratchford gives an example of how using Hinman’s housing partner can protect you. “An exhibitor called in a panic about two weeks prior to Hinman several years ago. She had mistakenly booked the hotel rooms for her staff for the week prior to the actual Hinman dates. When she called the housing company that she had used (not the official Hinman housing provider), they told her that they were unable to help her with any changes and that she would lose her deposit. She called us to ask if there was anything we could do. We put our housing agency in touch with her and they helped her to get hotel rooms over the correct dates.”

So whether you are an office manager making hotel arrangements for your dentist, office staff or both, or you are an exhibit coordinator making arrangements for your booth staff, it’s really important to be aware of who the official housing provider is for the Meeting you are attending.

Hinman has been made aware of a website offering housing at  Hinman has no affiliation or association with this website whatsoever. Remember, we are Hinman.ORG!

To make any hotel (housing) arrangements please visit And know that Hinman Housing, powered by Eventsphere is here to help you!

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