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How to Be a Successful Infection Control - Prevention Coordinator
Posted: 11/5/2020

Your Practice Is Counting on You to Increase Compliance. Here’s How to Get Started.

The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us that as healthcare professionals, we all play a role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

The Power of a Smile
Posted: 2/26/2020

Years before we had cell phones and airline apps, I became aware that my flight from Seattle to Atlanta had been cancelled due to mechanical issues only after arriving at the airport.  I wasn’t concerned, however, as my airline offered five more Atlanta-bound flights through the course of the day.

Poached Eggs, I don’t think so…
Posted: 1/3/2019

A “poacher” is a person posing as a representative of the Hinman Meeting ready to help you make your hotel reservation. They then continue “pretending” to make the room accommodations concluding with “we need charge your credit card in full.” Only, when the attendee gets to that hotel, the reservation doesn’t exist and their money is gone. The key is to know who the official housing provider is to protect yourself. 

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