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The Hinman Dental Society, a non-profit organization, is comprised of more than 800 member dentists primarily located in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1911 by Thomas P. Hinman, the Society is dedicated to the advancement of its membership through outstanding educational and professional development opportunities, as well as promoting the high practice standards of the field of dentistry through public advocacy and outreach.

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2023-2024 Membership Meeting Dates:


Monday, September 18 - Dr. Charles Ward & Mr. Josh Polansky - Emory Conference Center & Hotel


Monday, November 13 - Mr. Charles Loretto - Westin Atlanta Perimeter North


Thursday, January 18 - Mrs. Laci Phillips Newland - The Georgia Aquarium


A Message from Society President David Anderson


What a Year!

It has been a great and eventful year! Everybody’s water pipes burst in the Christmas Eve freeze, the Dawgs went back-to-back, we have Expanded our Horizons and Explored our Future, and this Hinman year continues to successfully roll along.


Congratulations to General Chair, Roy McDonald and his Program Chairs, Brad Greenway and Troy Schulman, for the latest edition of the “Best Hinman Ever!” From Wednesday night’s Welcome Reception for the speakers to Saturday night’s Closing Session, followed by the party in Roy’s suite for everyone still at the Omni, this Hinman was exactly what we needed. The buzz and excitement on the exhibit
floor, the packed classrooms throughout the Georgia World Congress Center and all of the fun moments at the General Chair and President’s Reception and Hinman’s Night Out made for a spectacular three days.


I am so proud of all of our members who, once again, delivered the best dental continuing education meeting in the country. As Dr. Christensen
stated at our September Membership Meeting, “the Hinman is by far and not even close, the number one dental meeting I attend.” Every one of you who
‘worked’ your 8, 16, 24 and even more hours should also feel mighty proud of what was accomplished.


The countdown now starts for Hinman 2024 and the program that General Chair Sedgie Newsom and his Program Chairs, Jonathan Dubin and Patrick French,
will take us to the next level.

Looking back to January, we had such a wonderful Membership Meeting at the Aquarium. Dr Tieraona Low Dog shared with the 530 attendees the keys

to narrowing the gap between lifespan and healthspan. There were many examples of lifestyle changes that we can make now to give us a longer and
healthier life. Her heartfelt and deeply personal lecture resulted in a few tears, impacted lives and a standing ovation. Many thanks to Kristina Dawson,
Program Chair, for all of her time and efforts with our stellar Membership Meetings. Also, thanks to Angela Ojibway and the hospitality committee for

facilitating all of our meetings with true Southern hospitality.


The Society is extremely fortunate to have the talented staff that occupies the Hinman office. Executive Director, Lynn Leidel, and staff members, Jackie,

Stephanie, Wendy, Britney and Caitlyn lead our group at the highest level. We appreciate, so much, all that you do.

My involvement with this Society has been the highlight of my dental career and this past year has been incredibly special. The only way that it could get any

better is to end it in Disney World, which is exactly what we’re going to do! Jackie Sarvis, along with Annual Meeting Chairs, Ken Berger and Eric Anderson, have

planned a truly magical trip for us to celebrate the success of Hinman 2023. All the information you need is just a few pages away.

I look forward to seeing you all at Disney’s Grand Floridian!



- David



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