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Book your Hinman 2018 hotel room now to secure your first choice! 

You can book through our official housing vendor, EventSphere, by clicking here.  

Hinman has been made aware of a website offering housing at www.hinman2017.com.  Hinman has no affiliation or association with this website whatsoever. Remember, we are Hinman.ORG!

Hinman Dental Society has designated EventSphere as the only housing provider for the Hinman Dental Meeting. There are fraudulent companies and organizations that will try to present themselves as official partners of Hinman Dental and offer you a potential room that might not be guaranteed or available (more info on "Housing Poachers" here). Hinman strongly recommends that you use care to always start at hinman.org to ensure that you are receiving Hinman-approved information and that you closely scrutinize any other website that appears to be connected with Hinman.  Should you be contacted by someone other than EventSphere, please let us know by emailing hinman@eventsphere.com or calling 864-208-2467.

Hotel Map

Click here for a PDF map of all hotels in our block.

2018 Hotels

    = hotel on Hinman Dental shuttle bus route

= hotel on Marta route

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