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Hinman has something for everyone on the dental team. Invest in your future by taking courses at our meeting with world renowned speakers... and have some fun too! 




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World-class Continuing Education Designed for You!


We offer 300+ courses and events at our Meeting! It's a lot to sort through, we get it! Here is a list of courses designed just for dental assistants!

Schedule time in the Exhibit Hall!


It's important to stay up-to-date on new technologies affecting your profession. Plan time in the Exhibit Hall where you can see and touch all the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. Click here for details including floor plan, exhibitor lists and special events taking place daily.


Hinman's signature Friday night party is moving to the Tabernacle! This event is going to rock!  Plan to buy your tickets when registration opens on Tuesday, December 10!  
Stay tuned for more info as we get this party started! 



 Quotes from real dental assistants:

“I enjoyed the information that the speaker gave about becoming an awesome dental assistant and also the class on scheduling appointments. Very educational and informative not only for the dental assistant but everyone on the team.”
~ Lavonne, Dental Assistant

“What I found to be most valuable was the many different booths that had new items and how knowledgeable everyone was of the new items. I like learning hands-on because it sticks with me. And of course I love all the free samples to try out at home and at the dental office so we can know what product to refer to our patients.”
~ Sherry, Dental Assistant

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