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Welcome to Hinman 2021
Dr. Bob O'Donnell, General Chair Hinman Dental Meeting
Laci Phillips Co-Founder, Practice Dynamics Coaching Group

Know your Strengths and Look for Opportunities to Build on Them
Anne Duffy, RDH Editor and Publisher - De and DeW
Debora Carrier, RDH Entrepreneur - Twice as Nice Uniform

Fireside Chat with Hinman's General Chair and President
Dr. Sedgie Newsom President Hinman Dental Society
Dr. Bob O'Donnell General Chair, Hinman Dental Meeting
A LIVE Chat with Dental Post
Tanya Lanthier
Data in the Dental Practice
Vanessa Vitagliano, Dental Intelligence
Tips for Improving Your Zoom Performance.
Janice Hurley Speaker & Image Expert
Why you need to DECREASE your case acceptance!
Richard Sullivan, DDS Speaker & Co-Founder of the Millennial Dentist Podcast
Behind the Scenes with Hinman's TWO Executive Directors
Annette Sullivan, Incoming Executive Director
Sylvia Ratchford, Executive Director (retiring May '21)
A LIVE Conversation with Dental Intelligence
Vanessa Vitagliano
A LIVE Conversation with FiteBac
Kirk Kimmerling & Andrew Cole
A LIVE Conversation with AirGuard
Dr. James Orrington
Preparing Financially for a Post-COVID Future
Charles Loretto Speaker & Partner, Cain Watters and Associates
OSHA Tips During a Pandemic
Olivia Wann OSHA & HIPAA Consultant
Looking Ahead: Hinman 2022
Drs. Kate Robinson, Jim Roos and Randy Phillips
(Hinman 2022 Program Team)
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