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As part of your 2022 Hinman Dental Meeting in-person registration fee, we will be offering five hours of complimentary virtual CE in the weeks leading up to the meeting. Unable to travel to Hinman this March? We understand! Consider a Virtual Only Registration this year for five hours of CE from the comfort of home. 

Registration opens on Tuesday, December 7, 2021.

Each course will be released on the date listed and available until May 31, 2022.  Stay tuned for announcements about additional virtual CE opportunities, after the in-person meeting concludes.


Vr600  |  Dr. Lee Silverstein | The Teeth Express Process for the Restorative Dentist


This course will discuss the Teeth Express Process aka Teeth-In-A-Day (TIAD) cases. Learn how to speak to these prospective patients and how to paint the picture of going from a dental cripple to being able to eat and be proud of their new smile. The diagnosis, type of patients that would be good TIAD candidates, the costs, parts, lab and its role, and the conversion to a fixed denture will be explained. This is just a small sample of what will be discussed at the March 2022 Hinman Dental Meeting.



Dr. Ken Berley |Vr601  |  Dental Sleep Medicine: A Required Course


Every practicing dentist must have a working knowledge of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD) even if he or she never intends to treat OSA patients. In October 2017, the American Dental Association (ADA) adopted a policy on dentistry’s role in treating SRBD including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Most dentists are not aware that they are now under a legal obligation to screen all of their patients for SRBD as they have been recognized as potentially serious medical conditions. In this webinar we will discuss why every dentist must be prepared to recognize patients who are dangerously sleepy and how to address that risk. 



Mr. Charles Loretto |  Vr602  |  TITLE TBD



Ms. Carol Paige | Vr603  |  Staffing: Aim Right to Hire Right


The right talent is available for hire, at the right price point, to work your hours, perform your job description, and contribute to the growth, happiness, and profitability of your practice. However, to find and secure these team players, the skilled dental leader must understand, accept, and strategically overcome unprecedented candidate pool challenges. If you are short-staffed, employing staff you would not re-hire, or believe you could be shopping for a team member soon, this presentation is designed for you. Learn how market conditions have impacted the personnel pool, how to recognize the traits of a high performer, and three key concepts that distinguish if your new hire will quickly fail or succeed.  



Vr604  |  Exhibitor New Product Showcase


What is one of the best reasons to attend a dental meeting? To learn about the newest products and services! Join us for a virtual preview of Hinman’s Exhibitor Experience. Five different companies will talk about their research and development of their latest products and services. 


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