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Course: Your Wallet and the New Tax Laws: Are You Ready? - Hinman.org

Speaker Information

Mr. John McGill
Charlotte, NC
Practice Management & Accounting

Your Wallet and the New Tax Laws: Are You Ready?

Congress recently passed the biggest tax cut in over 30 years. Unfortunately, many doctors will lose out because of the complications of the new rules. Don’t let that happen to you. In this fast-paced course, you’ll learn how to take maximum advantage of these proven iron-clad strategies to save thousands. Learn how to boost tax savings with new 20 percent practice profits deduction; how to deduct 100 percent of the cost of a new car; how to use increased retirement plan deductions to achieve financial independence in 10 years or less; how to turbocharge investment returns; how to save over $70,000 per child with tax-deductible educational funding strategies; and how to save thousands with tax-deductible HSAs and HRAs.

Course: Sa202
Date/Time: 3/23/2019   1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Type: Registered
Audience: Dentists
Dentist Fee: $80.00
Other Fee: $50.00