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When Life Needs a Sticky Note
Posted: 3/30/2020

When Life Needs a Sticky Note


By: Wayne Kerr, DDS, MAGD  


Isn’t it satisfying to cross an item off a to-do list?  It’s even more fun to complete a task on a sticky note and toss it.  But some sticky notes are worth keeping, especially those with messages that remind us of what’s truly important in our lives.  As this pandemic turns our world upside down and adversely impacts our lives and our businesses, we can choose to live with an attitude of abundance or scarcity.  I choose abundance and have posted the following sticky notes throughout my home.

Be grateful.  Every day is a gift which is why it’s called “the present.”

Count your blessings.  You’ve got a roof over your head and a family that loves you.  Chances are you’re healthy and have adequate food and resources.

Choose your attitude.  Be miserable or be happy.  It’s your choice.

Savor life’s beauty.  It’s springtime!  Take in the sights of azaleas and dogwood trees in full bloom and listen to the songbirds greet us each morning.

Eliminate your “stinkin’ thinkin’.”  The sun will come up tomorrow.

Be kind.  Share a smile and lift another’s spirits.  Common courtesy is always appropriate and never goes out of style.  Look after each other, especially those in need.

Embrace family. Celebrate this time together.  Throw a picnic or tea party in the back yard.  Break out the deck of cards or those favorite family board games.  Have a movie night with popcorn and ice cream.  Grill some hot dogs.  Share old family stories.  Appreciate that you are together.

We might have missed Hinman 2020 due to circumstances beyond our control, but we can keep things in perspective and look forward to another “Best Hinman Ever!” in 2021.  Keep your chin up and be well.  Oh, and post a sticky note or two!

Dr. Wayne Kerr

Wayne Kerr, DDS, MAGD

Sharing forty-two years of clinical and business experience with the dental profession, Dr. Kerr earned Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry and was honored in 2011 with its presentation of the Life-Long Learning and Service Recognition Award.  He is a Fellow of both the American and International Colleges of Dentistry and an Honored Fellow of the Georgia Dental Association.  He has been recognized by state and local organizations as Small Business Person of the Year, Dentist of the Year, and Citizen and Professional of the Year. 


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